#BeyhadhFinale: Maya’s Death – A Fair Conclusion or An Expected Climax?

Read on as we list down our takeaway from the last episode of the show.

Sony TV’s Beyhadh telecast its last episode on Friday, and oh boy, was it one heart wrenching moment to see Maya die! Of all the protagonists we’ve ever had on Indian TV, Maya was one of a kind and surprisingly, loved immensely despite all the evilness and dark shades she portrayed.

With the show now having come to an end, we thought we’d analyse if or not did Beyhadh manage to reach a justified end.

With Maya dead, Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) and Arjun (Kushal Tandon) are in tears, despite Arjun being the one who shot her, while Maya makes him recollect all of her junoon and even their wedding vows.

There were a few takeaways that we had from the last episode, and if not for anything, we think that it was these things that made the show a hit with the masses.

It was a quick flashback of the Maya-Arjun-Saanjh roller coaster ride!

Right from Arjun and Maya’s memories of their house, to Maya’s Junoon leading her to death, there was this emotional connect that everyone did feel with Maya, as she breathed her last. While it did pain Arjun to see her die the way she did, Maya was rather happy about how it was necessary for her to die, in order to prove her love to Arjun. The marriage vows that Arjun took, all the love that he showered, all of it played like a film in flashback for the viewers and, it was definitely a roller coaster ride for us as well.

Maya’s words of wisdom and worldly speech to her Rajkumari!

Maya’s childhood was scary. And when she ran away with her daughter, she talked to her about all that followed, and how the world changes your time. The kid here obviously does not understand any of the things that she says, but that scene does send out a strong message about how life is never all about fairy tales and that you have to be the devil if you wish to defeat others.

Her dialogue that was quite hard hitting, beautifully summed up our fight against the world when she said, “Apne andar ke toofan ko seene me dabaye rakhna. Jab yeh duniya majoboor karegi na, toh apne toofan se sabko barbaad kardena. Kyunki aap Maya ki beti hai aur Maya kabhi haar nahi manti.”

Maya’s Beyhadh pyaar did win!

Maya asks Arjun to relieve her off now, because it is time and because “Pyaar ki koi hadh nahi hoti. Jab pehle mile toh kashish, kashish jo bandhan ban jata hai, bandhan jo ishq ka rang leta hai, ishq jo bharose pe tika ha, bharosa jo ibadat pe tika hai, ibadat jo junoon ban jata hai, aur junoon jo maut tak pahucha deta hai. Ab junoon dikhane ke liye maut to jaruri thi na, mera marna jaruri tha.”

With her last words where she says, “Mujhe rihaa kardo Arjun,” she breathes her last in his arms, peacefully and content.

For us, the show did conclude on the same note that it started on. The last episode hit us as hard as the first one did. And Maya yet again stole the show in the last episode as she did in the first.

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