Kusum Sundari goes bald in COLORS’ Devanshi

COLORS’ popular drama series Devanshi, has recently taken a leap and we have witnessed how Devanshi (Helly Shah) returns to Jwalapuri disguised as Kalki.

With an aim to avenge the wrongdoers for her miscarriage, Devanshi resorts to bribery and flattery that compels Mohan (Amir Dalvi) to impress her and turn against Kusum Sundari (Karuna Pandey).

In the upcoming episode, we will see Mohan wants to prove his loyalty towards Devanshi. Taking advantage of this, Devanshi makes an odd demand and asks Mohan to cut off all of Kusum Sundari’ s hair. At the behest of Devanshi, Mohan turns Kusum Sundari bald while she is unaware about it.

Speaking on her bald look, Karuna Pandey aka Kusum Sundari said, “As any other woman, I like my hair long, working with different kinds of styling and experimenting with new hair dos and I just couldn’t imagine myself bald.But when I was told that I will have a bald look for the upcoming episodes, I was excited to try something new. As an actor, it is a privilege for me to experiment with different looks and avatars. Also, my make up team managed to do a great job and I hope the viewers will appreciate this new avatar of Kusum Sundari.”

How will Kusum Sundari react when she realizes what Mohan has done to her?

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