REVIEW: Jasmin Bhasin has the potential to overshadow Siddharth and Rashami in Dil Se Dil Tak!!

Jasmin Bhasin has rather made a LOUD impression, yet again!

Cast: Siddharth Shukla, Rashami Desai, Jasmin Bhasin, Tej Sapru, Karan Goddwani, Pooja Singh among others.

Produced By: Shashi Sumeet Productions

Story So Far:

The story starts with the introduction of the leads Parth (Siddharth Shukla) and Shorvari (Rashami Desai) Bhanushali. The old school Gujarati Bhanushali family is celebrating Janmashtami in their usual grandeur. A few minutes into the episode, the viewers get to know about the divide between the entire family and, Parth and Shorvari. The couple is disowned by the entire family because of Parth going against their wishes and marrying Shorvari, who is a Bengali. At all given opportunities, Parth’s Dadaji does not hide his dislike for Parth and his bride, neither does Poyni, Parth’s Maasi/Aunt. But, in spite of all the taunting, Parth and Shorvari still cling to the family. Dadaji plans to send Parth and Shorvari away to America and the couple even leaves for the airport, but mid-way, they meet with an accident. The family then discovers that Shorvari is pregnant and Dadaji agrees for Parth and Shorvari to stay back, but only on humanitarian grounds. This saddens Parth and Shorvari, but Dadi cheers them up and asks them to get ready for Parth’s sister Jalpa’s, godhbharai. At the Godhbharai, Parth and Shorvari romance in-between the rituals. That is when a trouble in the name of Teni (Jasmin Bhasin) enters. A waitress at the function, she bails out Parth and his brother Suyog (Karan Godwani), who fail to arrange for a dancer. Teni’s over enthusiasm when she sees money, spoils the mood for the family but Parth and Shorvari quickly cover up her for her goof-ups and Jalpa’s godhbharai continues without a hitch. Post the celebration, Parth and Teni have a confrontation where Teni demands money for her performance. But Parth refuses and blames her for the ruckus that she had created by dancing with Bharat vulgarly. In retaliation, Teni steals a silver Kalash from the ceremony and plans to get her dues by selling that. Moyni tries to stop Teni, but she throws color on her and escapes. The next day, Parth takes Shorvari to a temple where he and Teni have several run-ins. Teni sees Parth, Parth does not see her. Parth goes to tie a ‘mannat cot’ to the tree and leaves Shorvari near the temple. Shorvari, who is observing a few kids, sees one of them is about to fall and rushes to save him and in the process, her dupatta catches fire. Seeing this, Parth leaves the thread hanging and runs to save Shorvari. A shocked Shorvari faints and Parth carries her to the car. They share a few light moments once Shorvari regains consciousness. She questions Parth whether he tied the dhaaga or not and Parth lies to Shorvari that he did. He then goes to tie the dhaga by telling Shorvari that he has to pay the shopkeeper, but is in shock when he sees that the thread is already tied. It is actually Teni, who has tied her thread to that of Parth and Shorvari’s because her thread breaks. And this is an indication of what fate has to offer to Parth, Shorvari, and Teni; and that, their destinies are entwined. At that exact moment, Parth gets a call about shooting an ad campaign in America and this catches Teni’s ears as she has dreams of going to America. She tries to get hold of Parth but he leaves from there. From then on, she names Parth her visa and decides to persuade him to take her for his ad campaign. At the Bhanushali house, the audience gets to see the backstory of why Poyni hates Parth and Indumati (Vaishnavi McDonald). Indumati’s husband had actually gone to see Poyni for marriage, but liked her younger sister Indumati. And Poyni is still very bitter about the fact and constantly tries to put Indumati and her family down. On the other hand, Parth and Teni have another confrontation in the middle of a busy market. Teni, with the intention of grabbing Parth’s attention, dresses up and walks in front of Parth’s car. An irritated Parth gets down and feels like he has seen her somewhere, but can’t recognize where. After Teni takes off her glares, Parth recognizes her but gets a call from home and leaves. At home, Parth sees Shorvari sad and decides to lighten her mood. He asks her to dress up as a bride again and arranges for performers. He then gives Shorvari a tour of the house in the absence of the rest of the family, but Shorvari imagines them in every single moment. In the baby’s room, Shorvari sees Parth’s childhood picture and runs while teasing him. While running downstairs, Shorvari slips and falls. Parth brings Shorvari to the same hospital where Jalpa is currently admitted to. Sadly, the doctors tell Parth that Shorvari has suffered a miscarriage while at the same time, Jalpa gives birth to a baby boy. Bharat bumps into Parth and gives him the good news. Parth visits his sister and returns to Shorvari’s side. When Shorvari regains consciousness, the nurse reveals to her about her miscarriage, which leaves her shocked and upset. At the same time, some plates and boxes fall on the floor outside their room and a shocked Parth and Shorvari see Indumati standing outside their ward. Indumati reprimands herself for having cursed Shorvari for taking her son Parth away from her. But Parth and Shorvari console Indumati that it was an accident and not the result of her saying. Indumati then reveals to Parth and Shorvari that Dadaji had let them stay back just because of Shorvari’s pregnancy, but now, Dadaji will send them to America and she will lose her son forever.

What’s Good:

Siddharth and Rashami return to the small screen after a really long time and comparisons are bound to happen. But then, what we see, impresses us. Rashami and Siddharth nail it completely when it comes to the chemistry department as they have palpable chemistry.
Jasmin Bhasin, is a breath of fresh air. And from what we saw in the third promo, Jasmin’s character Teni’s introduction into the Bhanushali family, will definitely add some spice into the otherwise grim family. The makers have stayed true and have showed the portrayal of the authentic orthodox Gujarati family. Their culture, their thinking and even their costumes spell perfect Gujarati. The pace of the show has kept the audience gripped. Neither is the story being dragged till you’re bored nor is it super fast that the audience can not keep up.

What’s Not Good:

And there is always that one typical vamp aunty who is out there to spill water on everyone’s happiness. Agreed that the family is extremely orthodox in thinking. But when introducing a sensitive subject like ‘surrogacy,’ which is considered a taboo by many, the makers should have thought more on balancing both the sides. I mean, we can already see this family flipping out when they find out about the surrogacy. Honestly, we do know that this works, but the show is extremely melodramatic at some places. We agree that Teni’s character is supposed to be loud, but at times, we felt like she went completely overboard playing it. She could probably underplay it just a little bit so that the audience will not get irritated with the passing time. However, the biggest point that MAY NOT work for the show is the sheer fact that the concept of the show is already out in the open. It is not a hidden fact anymore that the show is loosely based on Chori Chori Chupke Chupke. We also won’t deny that Dil Se Dil Tak being a daily soap, will not incorporate twists and turns, but with the core concept already revealed, it can be a disadvantage to the show.

The verdict:

All in all, the show does grab our attention. With powerhouse performers like Rashami, Siddharth and Jasmin at the helm of things, the show does have bright chances, inspite of its core concept being revealed. Yes, the audience can actually look forward to the show to see Jasmin’s character open up even more in the coming episodes.

Rating: ***1/2 (3.5 stars)

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