BestOf2016: Maha Integrations of 2016!

There are some really popular TV shows which we can’t wait to watch! As our day commences, we eagerly wait to get home from our respective schedules to reach home and catch the latest twist the show has to offer.

As show makers, they are desperately churning out essential stories which can make the episode more intruding and watch worthy and in the process of grabbing more eyeballs, production houses churn out special episodes – the ‘Maha Sangam’ special.

One of the most trending solutions for script writers to give an edge to the high voltage drama in their respective TV shows is integrating lead characters of popular shows which we watch in the form of a Maha episode.

When Swara from Swaragini met Aaradhya from Krishnadasi: This was a maha Sangam episode where the two female lead protagonists Swara (Helly Shah) and Aaradhya (Sana Sheikh) not only helped each other, thereby highlighting the dramatization of the sequence. While at the police station, Swara and Aaradhya both saved each other from the uncalled humiliation from the inspector.Krishnadasi and Swaragini had a good fanbase and the makers usually introduced plot twisters around the life of Swara – Sanskaar (Swaragini) and Aaradhya – Aryan (Krishnadasi) to make the scenes interesting.

The Maha-Milap of Pragya, Survi and Twinkle: To enhance the drama quotient and enthuse the audiences, Zee TV introduced a Maha-Milap. An integration of ‘Yeh Vaada Raha‘, ‘Kumkum Bhagya‘ and ‘Tashan-E-Ishq’.The audience saw the three leads Pragya, Survi and Twinkle sharing the same space together for the first time. All the three characters of the show were going through a tough time in their life. Pragya, Survi, and Twinkle tried their level best to mend their broken relationships on their respective shows by helping each other.

Thapki, Dhani and Simar come together to help each other: Together known as Trishakti, Colors brought three of the most popular protagonists of the channel together. It is always said that 2 women can never be friends but here we not only saw them sharing a healthy bond but also helping each other overcome turbulence in their respective lives.

Maha episode of Santoshi Maa and Gangaa: &TV’s Gangaa traces the life of Ganga, a child widow who undergoes many difficulties as she lives in a locality consisting of ultraconservative people. On the other hand, Santoshi Maa narrates how Santoshi, a young devotee of Santoshi Maa, the Hindu goddess, believes her faith and devotion can get her out of every complicated situation. The protagonists connect on the spiritual level and hence the makers integrated the fans of the shows by featuring the leads helping each other to cope up with one particular situation which if alone might not have been successful.

Balika Vadhu and Sasural Simar Ka’s Mahasangam episode on the occasion of Mahashivratri: Our TV industry never leaves a chance to celebrate any festival be it big or small! With an auspicious occasion – Mahashivratri around the corner, Colors’ brought our favorite on-screen bahus to entertain the audience with a special ‘Mahasangam’ episode. The channel integrated two of its most popular shows – Balika Vadhu and Sasural Simar Ka.

Which other integrations have you thoroughly enjoyed? Drop in your views in the comment section below!

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